Voice Verification Project

The company is developing a biometric speaker identification access control system for high-value plant equipment and site access control in association with A2B Secure Ltd.

Detain Project

The company's development has been supported with an EC Framework grant to fund a unique DNA intruder marking and analysis system.

1.3 million euros of EC funding, working with PERA & Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft with partners including ATD Bio, Crime Solutions, Spyral, EvoGen, Davy Bickford, WAF, Mecanizados Norte Bravo S.L and Hotronic.

iCare Project

iCARE is a £1,622,000 project supported by the Technology Strategy Board to develop an open software framework for assistive technology devices to be connected through a care monitoring centre providing care at home for the elderly and infirm.


The company has concluded two other major R&D projects, funded by the Technology Strategy Board...

SafetyNet Project

Loughborough University, Arqiva (Formerly NTL Group), DCSI, Jennic with SURE providing wireless communications and electronic design experience and the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) providing knowledge of the fire protection industry.

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IndeedNet Project

Loughborough University, Advantica (Formerly British Gas Research), EMHA (East Midlands Housing Association) with SURE providing the knowledge of home management systems and wireless networks.